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      ABOUT US

      FIREARTH INDUSTRIES CO., LTD is the enterprise specializing in developing, manufacturing kitchen knives and Kitchen tools , quality varying from medium to high grade. Our enterprise is located in Yangjiang city, the northwest of Guangdong province, near Hong Kong and Macau. The traffic is convenient, and it is easy for cooperation.

      FIREARTH INDUSTRIES CO., LTD executes the enterprise tenet of "Quality first, Credit first", and has powerful technology, advanced manufacturing equipments and the strict quality guarantee system. We will keep on developing multiplicate new products for the clients' demands.

      Based on the management ideal of "Credit first, client first", and according to the clients requirements, we do the professional design and layout, and provide the high quality of engineering and good service. Welcome all the clients from home and abroad to cooperate and create a brilliant future with us.

      Cinque Terre
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